The day needs my saving expertise...
The smiles returning to the faces...

The Addams Family started...

Just another Snippet Wednesday... wo-o-oah.
Wish it were a Sunday... wo-o-oah
Cause that's my fun day... wo-o-oah
I don't have to write day...

Just another Snippet Wednesday.

We always miss the cool stuff. The Kane County Cougars, our local single-A minor league baseball team, hosted what might end up being the largest pillow fight in the world with 3,872 people this past weekend. It bested the previous world record by about 200 people.

Pyramidapricot Pyramid
I think Katie and I have a new beer to love. Upon recommendation from a friend, we tried Pyramid Apricot Ale. I never would've thought to throw apricot into a beer, but damn, it was good.

As always, enjoy in moderation!

That would be my PSA for the day.

As a result of all the dogs we've had around lately, I've had to kick my allergy meds into high gear to ensure I'm okay. I'm only borderline allergic and nothing bad happens, but I really don't want to take any chances. So I called in a refill to a Walgreen's near where I work yesterday. This is an old Walgreen's. I think it even predates me moving to Illinois in 1987, so the drive thru was pretty dated. As a result of this ancient configuration, I was able to watch as the drawer opened for the car in front of me in line and a human hand reached out to take their money. It was all quite surreal watching this seemingly disembodied, yet fully animated, hand reach out from a drug drawer built into a brick wall (at the angle from which I was viewing, I couldn't see the person on the other side of the window due to glare). I was actually a bit freaked out. When I got up to the window, it was all I could do to not grab the hand and try to drive away with it.

Holy cow! Katie and I found gas here in the Chicago suburbs for $3.94 today! You can bet we were all over that like white on rice. We both refueled. You have to when it's that cheap!

Sad that we're getting that excited about $3.94, isn't it? Well, considering I paid $4.29 a week ago, I guess I should be happy.

This is kinda cool... TiVo and Amazon have inked a deal in which viewers, who see something they like in the course of a TV show (not a commercial), can actually press a button and order it automatically from Amazon. This is the ultimate in product placement and, so long as the ordering options are not highly intrusive, I think it has the potential to be pretty cool. Of course, it will be intrusive as hell, I'm sure.

Have a good rest of your Wednesday.