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I was actually going to launch the new WordPress blog this past weekend, but I still have a few tweaks to do and hadn't gotten around to them just yet. Hopefully I'll find some time this week and do it this coming weekend. It is coming along swimmingly now despite my previous complaining.

In the meantime, I present you with...

Ten Things I Learned From Dogsitting:

  1. If you show them love, they will never leave you alone... ever.
  2. They will interrupt anything with no cares whatsoever, even bathroom breaks.
  3. If you ever dogsit, expect others to find out and ask if you're willing to do the same for them. We've been hired. Seriously. And we'll be paid this time. Could be an interesting side business.
  4. Dogs really are a great way to meet neighbors. We met more neighbors in the past week than in the past three years we've lived here without one.
  5. Dogs will sniff anything, including feces. It's pretty nasty. And when you're taking care of a dog with extreme dietary restrictions (for medical reasons), you start to really pay attention to everything on the ground that a dog can sniff and, potentially, eat.
  6. Little dogs are real scrappers. They are willing to fight any other dog regardless of size.
  7. If you let a dog sleep in your bed, don't expect it to ever be "your" bed again.
  8. Dogs have a sixth sense about where to step. Lilly won't even look but can completely avoid fields of broken glass, mud patches, etc. Pretty amazing really.
  9. You can create any derivation of the name "Lilly" possible, but so long as you include the sound "Lil" in there, she will respond... "Lilliput," "Lillified," "Lillith Fair," "Lillykinz," "Lilly Monster," whatever.
  10. Even though Katie misses having Lilly around terribly, she's still not sure she wants a dog of her own. She really digs on the concept of Short-Term Dog Ownership. Funny.

Okay, 'nuff said.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): I was driving behind a car on the way home from work and I was checking out the car's license plate as I'm wont to do more often than not. That's when I realized that the seven-digit plate was broken into a three-digit and four-digit series to resemble a phone number. And the number on the plate actually began with a legitimate prefix for the town in which we were both driving.

Would somebody really be stupid enough to put their phone number on their license plate?

Then it struck me, this is the perfect way to piss off somebody you hate. Put their phone number on your license plate along with a bumper sticker that says something like, "If you don't like my driving, asshat, call me at..."

Wait for the calls to roll in to your "friend."

Hello April Fool's Day!

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OK! So it is like all those stories you hear about being a grandparent. You take the kids for a little while and then send then back to their parents. You get a good night sleep and the mom and dad are up all night trying to calm the kiddies down. Dogs/kids..... What is the diff!!!

Computer Angel

yeay - Doggie thoughts. Care to sit for Gizmo? Funny thing about being around a dog is that you start to write about them too- I think they have some kind of spooky mind control!


So did you call the number to see? :)

I love dogs. And a good dog sitter is hard to find. I just happened to run into a lady at PetSmart with a Bichon who has all the problems/special needs that mine does. AND she just happens to own her own pet sitting service. I was so happy to have met her I almost cried in the store!

Now I know I have a place to bring my puppy where she will be truly loved and cared for. She wouldn't last five minutes in a kennel.

Your friends are lucky to have you to watch their dogs!


When my parents lost their last dog they said they couldn't cope with the grief of losing one ever again and so started dog-sitting for their friends. They have a few regulars now and love the freedom of being able to give them back and not worry when they want to go travelling. I think it's a great plan!


What a great idea with the tag....I have you phone number laying around her somewhere.....:)


Oooo good idea! I'm definitely never giving out my number to you and Katie. And don't want to get on your bad side!


You totally should have called the number.

I once dog-sat a full-grown Weimreiner that I had known since it was a puppy. Well, she decided she wanted to sleep in my bed with me (which was a Queen) and through the night actually forced me off my own bed. It got so bad that I just went and slept on the couch.


MIM, it is exactly like being a grandparent. Except there's no diaper changing.

CA, total mind control. My SiL asked if I blogged about Lilly when she picked her up. I said yes. She turned to my brother and said "I told you so!"

BlondeBlogger, Lilly wouldn't last in a kennel either. She hates other dogs and has a very strict diet. God only knows what she'd find on the floors there.

Penelope, they've got the right idea.

Beth, oh thanks. Love ya too.

Marie, be very very cautious!

BA, thankfully this was a little dog. And so is the next one we're dogsitting.


Maybe it's the phone number to a business and they think they're being all smart with their marketing? Heh.

Also, I cannot wait to see your new WordPress blog!


It's not the best WordPress blog. I like the template I found to some degree, but it's fixed width and I'm not entirely comfortable enough playing with the settings to expand it out. I'd also like to find something similar in three column (currently just a two column) and haven't had much luck. Right now I'm working on new header photos so it's mine and not the default.


"if you don't like my driving, asshat" LOL That's too funny.

And #7 is so true. It's a dog's bed no matter when it jumps up.


Hahaha - your insights are spot on! I am generally not a fan of small dogs, but do find it hilarious when they try to "beat the crap" out of bigger dogs.


I like the idea of temporary dog ownership a lot more than I do of full-fledged dog ownership myself. All the fun, and then you get to give them back. Sounds good to me :)


marty, there's nothing quite like the word "asshat," is there?

Nilsa, they are scrappers.

suze, it does make it nice. But not when you become accustomed to having them around. Then it sucks and you start to miss them.


I think you have the right idea with the dog thing. I don't have the time for a dog full time right now, but if I could time share one I would be all over that!

Did you call the "phone number"? What a crazy thing for someone to do if it was actually a real phone number!


I too can't wait to see your new blog. Knowing you it's going to blow us all away. I am taking some of my new found spare time to completely overhaul 'Tree - which knowing me will mean I'll move a sidebar widget or... actually do my 100 Things... Nah, I don't believe me either.


tori, I really wish I'd written down that number so I could call it. Be funny to find out what happens. Knowing my luck, I'll see it again though!

Bec, oh please don't set such high expectations for the redesign. It's a found WP template that I'm changing a photo on and doing sidebar crap. Mostly my own coding. Very few actual sidebar plugins as of yet. I started trying to use them and found that using handcoded variants works much better. Can even throw in some of my own code when I do that.

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