Didn't I blow your mind this time...

Dodgeball is over. Finally. I'm pretty sure I said it was over a couple weeks ago and, at the time, I really thought it was. However, they played a make-up game last week that dated back to the beginning of the season and we actually won. Against the number one team no less. So that got us into the playoffs and the first round of that was last night.

The problem with last week's game was that it apparently got a bit heated. Dodgeball is like that. It relies on an honor system that is rarely honored. Combine that with the fact that we had a dipshit of a kid playing referee each week and the result is 12 supposedly grown adults on the playing court at a time (not including those on the sideline) bickering back and forth about who is and who is not out and what rules are being enforced that weren't the week before.

Last week, they almost came to blows over it. Literally. One person said something another said "fuck off" and it ended with someone on my team nearly being jumped in the parking lot.

The same thing almost happened last night. People were yelling at each other, flipping the bird, cursing and swearing. Sideliners and fans were yelling at players and vice versa. A nun called a young child a 'cunt rag' (tons of love to the person who catches that reference). And the ref did nothing about any of it. Basically, it's like a variation of that old joke "I went to a fight and a dodgeball game erupted in the middle of it" or some such.

I'm glad the season is over. I don't know if I could take any more of it. Katie was actually there for the first time this season (her classes ran the same night) and she was wishing she didn't come because everyone's negativity rubbed off on her ruining what was otherwise a fairly decent day. I felt horrible for her because I wanted her to be there and this happened.

Can't we all just get along?

Iloveyouthismuchaward Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Thankfully, though, some news came my way that reversed all that negative sentiment I've been feeling. It came in the form of an "I Love You This Much" award from one of my fave Brit bloggers Penelope! Totally unexpected and I completely love her for it. Thanks!

Now, though, I have to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. I'm looking back through the recipient chain in an attempt to try to pick people that haven't already received this award or that last one I gave out a couple months ago. I can't guarantee that will actually happen, but I'll try. Also, do I really have to give reasons why or can it just be assumed that I love 'em? Well, it's going to have to be assumed.

And remember, just because you're not on this list doesn't mean I don't love you. I can only get 10. I will try to get to you next time.

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Since you were on P's list I will have to skip you this time but listen, you know I have big love for you blogbro.



wow. Sweet. I feel the love (in a blogging kind of way, ya know)

Your dodgeball experience reminds me how some of these soccer dads get "involved" at games.... yelling, swearing, throwing shit all over the place. It's too much, IMO.


I'm glad to hear that the Dodgeball fighting isn't just confined to the games that I've been involved in.

My team got into a fight because one team was sneaking players back onto the court. Then, one of our guys nailed one of their girls in the middle of an argument and it nearly erupted into a full scale brawl. It's the closest I've ever come to actually throwing a punch as an adult. A guy charged me looking like he was going to punch me so I reared back and got ready to give him my own, but he pulled away at the last second. Glad he did because I don't want to punch anybody, but if it's in self-defense, I'll do it.

Memarie Lane

An honor system... in dodgeball? As the puny kid that always got nailed first, and hard, that sounds like such an oxymoron to me.


sizzle, thanks!

marty, that's about the best way to think of it. And this doesn't even really count for anything. It's park district for God's sake. Oh, and you're welcome.

Brandon, I haven't been in a fight since middle school. Curious how I'd handle it, though. Who knew dodgeball was so violent. And not the game aspect of it, either.

Memarie, you'd hope that something in the whole "us being adults" thing would make it work. It doesn't.


Mad love back at ya Kevin - Thank you. As for the Dodgeball stuff...wow, had no idea it was so intense, indoor soccer was the same way when my brother played. He actually got escorted off the field for punching some guy that kicked him in the face on purpose - he was the goalie. Good adult sportsmanship at it's best.


Foo, so much for adulthood equating to maturity, eh? And you're welcome.


O.k., me again...funny story. So I wasn't sure what movie your quote was from...so I did a search...in quotes and everyting. Our network security guy came over to my cubicle and had a huge smile on his face. He then said, "Interesting Search Kathleen" - I just busted up laughing. He went back to his cube and emailed me the name of the movie, LMAO.


Woo hoo, the love is being spread all around.


How did I miss that you play dodgeball? How did I not know that was a sport that people actually play?

Kevin Spencer

Sweet. Thank you sir!!


I got to be a TUA??? Be still my beating heart!!
This luvin' thing is great!! :o)
(Enough !!! you think?)


Foo, I can't believe you searched that from work. That's too funny. At least you know the network admins well enough that they shrug it off. So what did you find out?

Karl, that it is. And it's a good thing!

Avitable, you really didn't know? I've blogged it a couple times. I think everyone's been just as shocked as you. Except Brandon, who plays as well.

Kevin, you're welcome!

Penelope, yep, you're a TUA. And while that may not sound so great when you think that the A stands for "Aside," you must consider that I made you completely "Unrelated" to the dodgeball bashing from the earlier part of the article, which has to be a good thing, right? ;-)


Chasing Amy. One of my favorite movies. I was so excited that I stopped reading to comment - I had to see if anyone else got it. I love Kevin Smith quotes. Back to finish reading.


Today is like the best day ever. Am I on candid camera???? First I went to Hilly's and saw that post, and now this. What a wonderful day for me!

Oh, and great post, can't we all just get along indeed! I don't play team sports/group sports for sort of this very reason. I am not super competitive in anything but most people are and in my experience it takes very little for the negativity to begin.


kim, good call. Love that film. Just watched it again the other day.

tori, yeah you are having a good day, aren't you? CHILLY IN THE FALL!


You have to love me. I guest blogged for you. If you didn't love me, I'd go make changes to that post and you'd be a very very sorry young man.

Hahahah. I kid. THANKS for the blog love. It helps cheer up my day as I wonder whether my flight will take off tonight as this miserable weather comes through. Boo!


Nilsa, you know I love ya! And not just for guest blogging, but because you simply rock! I hope the weather breaks for you so you can get out of here and then comes rolling back in. That would be pretty cool.


Hey thanks Dude! And dodgeball love right back to you! Wait...let me rephrase...

: )


John, yeah, thanks for rephrasing. Not sure that's the kind of love I want coming back at me. Oh, and you're welcome.

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