Plug me in...

Do you think God is conspiring with credit agencies?

I ask this because Katie took in the final payment for the carpet we bought last year to Home Despot (intentional) on Monday. Yesterday morning, I go to melt some cheese on an English muffin in our microwave and it goes bonkers.

I simply put the muffin in the oven for 15 seconds and walked away for a moment to do something. Suddenly I realized that it had been longer than 15 seconds and the microwave was still running. I look over and the display shows a solid zero.

Ho boy.

I run over and hit the cancel button. Nothing.

I open the door to trip the auto shutoff. It keeps cooking with the door open.

I run out to the breaker box and find one labeled "kitchen" and flip it. Still cookin'.

I find a second breaker labeled "kitchen stove" and kill it. I can still hear the hum of the microwave.

Finally I run back inside and climb up to the upper cabinet above where the microwave is mounted, pull out several bottles of liquor (it is our liquor cabinet, after all), and rip out the power cable. It finally shuts off.

I plugged the microwave back in and try to hit some buttons and none of them do anything.

When I checked on the muffin, the remaining layer of cheese had cooked paper thin and was hard as rock candy.

Great. Dead microwave. Just what we need.

Wait, I think we got it working... for now. We'll see.

I guess if there's anything I'm thankful for today, it's that we're not cooking dinner for tonight. Heh.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Okay, it's a slightly related aside, but I don't feel like starting a whole new category here. Best to stick with what we know, right?

For the first time in a long time, I'm participating in one of these special blogger holidays. I know it may be a day late, but certainly not a dollar short (I hope). Okay, maybe it's two days late. But it works well as today is Thanksgiving so I'm sure I'll be forgiven, right?

It's Neil's Thank Your First Commenter Day! And I need to thank my first commenter who, if I recall correctly, is none other than Dave2 who commented on a post dated June 23, 2005. I also feel I must give credit to SJ who commented on a post dated June 17, 2005. Of course the comment came in on June 23 at 9:09 p.m. while Dave's came in at 11:19 a.m. But I'm not splitting hairs here. Both are just as important to my blogging evolution.

They are important because both found me and commented soon after my conversion from static HTML to blogware and that interaction is what has made me stick with blogging for a couple years now. I love the interaction that we have both here and on everyone else's blog.

So thank you, Dave and SJ! And everyone else knows who to blame! Heh.

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I think maybe my black cloud has found its way to your house. Ooops!

Happy EatnDrinkTooMuch Day!! :)


The microwave sounds like something out of a Steven King novel.


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you can still walk after all the turkey, and pie!


Happy Thanksgiving! There's something rather great about not having to cook - I'm jealous as I spent all morning mashing potatoes!


Score! By a measly two hours and ten minutes!

You sir, are welcome. :-)


Freaky Microwave from Hell! It could be the basis for a new horror flick ;)


At least a new microwave is less expensive than a new stove. Which we had to purchase this past week. It was delivered yesterday. And, it doesn't work. Had chicken in there for an hour at 350F and we could touch the pan with our bare hands.

Apparently we're still going to have to make due with our microwave for the next few days...

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving :)


Kevin, the First Rule of Having a House Ghost is: Everything that goes wrong in the house is caused by the ghost. Don't you watch Ghost Hunters? Sheesh. Clearly, your microwave is possessed by an angry spirit.

Also, my first comment only came after Dave2's because his comments are where you and I "met." And the rest is blogistory!


Microwaves are pretty cheap now compared to what they were way back when!...and way more powerful. I'd be lost without mine.

First commenter? Wow. That would take me back a ways...

I'm just glad to have found you! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. It's fun to make someone else do the work, but then you don't get the leftovers... ;)


Better you than me!

Sorry-It's just that that type of thing ALWAYS happens to me. It's nice to point and laugh at someone else!

I still love ya!


Lisa, get back black cloud!

Dagny, if it looked like the car from Christine, I'd forgive it.

Bec, still walking. You?

Bre, it is very nice to not have to cook.

Dave, 10 hours or so. Your math is really bad this week, isn't it? ;-)

kilax, think I could turn it into a script?

suze, have you gotten it working yet?

SJ, we thought about blaming Bernie, but that didn't seem fair. Not to him.

sue, I'm glad to have found you, too.

metalmom, thanks. I think.


Walking - for me it was but a Thursday... there is no giving thanks in the UK just Thursday... and there's the difference between the US and the UK!


Nothing to be thankful for, eh? Yeah, I've heard that about you Brits. ;-)


Bummer on the broke microwave, ours does some crazy things too from time to time. It will be replaced when my wife decides we have enough $$ to gut the kitchen.


I'm dreading the day that the gutting happens. We've been pricing things for a while now and trying to determine when it could happen. Hopefully not for a very long time.

L.A. Daddy

See, that's where you and I differ. After the first attempt to kill the power on the microwave, I would have gone straight for the baseball bat.

Nothing says Emergency Shutoff like a Louisville Slugger.

You coming to my party? This time? Huh?

Oh, and I'd have to thank Hilly. She's my first commenter!


Don't get me wrong, I had thought about it.

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