You got me down on my knees...

My name is Kapgar and I like pedicures.

It's a shameful admission for someone who would like to consider himself a true "man," but this is me being honest. Laying it all out on the line. Letting the truth be known. If any of you are now disgusted with me and can't stand the very mention of my name, I will understand if you remove me from your favorites list, blogrolls, readers, etc. Totally understand.

But I do like them and right about now I feel like I am in desperate need of one.

My feet, being the most used and abused part of my body (um...), are frequently in terrible shape. I won't go into details suffice it to say that they're just. plain. bad.

And, let me tell you, in times like this, desperate measures are necessary to combat what I'm feeling down on these cloven hooves. Desperate measures in the form of a young woman down on her knees at my feet taking care of my every need...

Yikes, I totally made pedicurists sound like prostitutes, didn't I? Well, they do make me feel real good and I pay them for this service, so... JUST KIDDING!

It is amazing, though, how good a job a well-trained pedicurist can do on my feet. They feel like a million bucks afterwards. And, right about now, I feel like I owe my feet that much money and more.

Maybe it's about time I visit my local foot lady.

You won't think any less of me, will you?

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Can you get one with a "happy ending" for a little extra? (Just askin' since you made the prostitute joke)

I have never had one, but I do enjoy a good foot rub from my lovely wife. (I'm sure there is another prostitute joke in there somewhere but it is just too early in the morning.)


Pedicures... I love pedicures...
You know what I love more than pedicures. Having my strongman of a massage therapist work on my feet....


If anything, I think more of you now. Any guy who understands the restorative value of a good pedicure is tops in my book!


I cannot stand having my feet touched. It's like a horrible torture. My feet are so ridiculously ticklish there's a screaming thing that happens if someone evens gestures towards them.


My mom has always told me that one's feet must be happy in order for one to be truly happy. This means doing whatever is necessary to take care of your feet. Well done.


frankly, i'd think MORE of you. think of your wife. she's got to sleep with those hooves!


I'm pretty sure I couldn't think less than I already do of you if I tried.

Hey, you deserve it after your shot at me yesterday. Wait...I took one at you first. Dang...Ok, fire away buddy. What do you got?? Remember though, I'm back with a girl....who could be a possible reader and if you insult me too bad there's no way she'll read. Be gentle.


g-man, I never asked. Why don't you go find out for both of us? ;-)

Nat, gotta be a woman for me.

Bre, sweet!

Bec, are you getting the creepy crawlies right now? I'm thinking about and imaginatively pointing at your feet as I type this!

Dagny, and it's my feet that determine my ability to sleep so I'm in total agreement with you.

sizzle, yeah, but thankfully I'm taller than her so her feet only wind up touching my ankles. ;-)

Scott, I think insulting you might make her read my site more.


Am screaming and running away!


Oh, you are a disgusting and vile excuse for a man...just kidding!! I make my boyfriend go get pedicures all the time. He was mortified the first time but now he's the one to actually suggest we go get them. You can't underestimate the power of good-looking feet.


Bec, I'm sending little e-Feathers your way to tickle your widdle piddies!

Elaine, you most certainly cannot underestimate it. If he needs more male support in this venture, direct him my way.


I love pedicures. My girl starts at my knees and works her way ever so slowly down...touching me in those places like only she can..kneading and rubbing...oh the oil...

Where was I again?


No one ever agrees with me about this, but I dislike pedicures. I like what they accomplish, but the process makes me crazy. I don't have the time, so sitting there makes me tense, and then I much prefer my husband to rub my feet than some woman I don't even know. I think it is cool that you will get one though...I have begged my husband and he will not go.


I used to work at a spa and frequently had men show up looking sheepish, saying that their wives had given them a pedicure gift certificate. Every single one of them came out extolling the virtues of pedicures. Here in Florida men's feet are often in sandals or flipflops and, well, scary feet are a huge turn-off!


metalmom, would you like a cigarette?

tori, it was really weird for me too. Even after having a few of them, it's still a bit "off," as it were. It takes me some warm-up time before I'm completely comfortable.

Laurel, I always fear the turn-off factor with my feet. Hence why I'm willing. And, yes, I was sheepish at first, too.


I love it when I see a man walk through the doors of the salon. I think most men fear the polish...they have no clue that they can just buff them out. I myself have 4th of july jewel, white and blue rhinestones...on a French Pedicure, freakin' sweet!


Foo, as cool as I think it is, the backlash I would endure with RW&B toenails might be more than I can bear! ;-)


Umm, Kappy, I don't really think less of you. I guess, I should say, bravo for not being afraid to show your feminine side to who knows who on the www. But I am a little creeped out. It will pass. I still love you. Just a little weirded out picturing you with a french pedicure and baby soft ankles.... Ok, I need to get rid of this visual. Please. Allow your next post to be a little more manly.


Hmmm, not sure it is. But at least it's not about getting my toes done. And, no, not a French pedicure. Just getting everything sanded down and buffed. Oh, and massaged. That's the best part!


Hell, I like 'em, too. Maybe we should go underground.


Karl, yeah, I'd hate for men to start flooding in there and, thus, diluting the quality. That would suck!


I don't even know what to say :) We all know that doesn't happen often.


More like never.


I simply love a man who appreciates a good pedicure! And I love clean toes!


Better than smelly!

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