You make me feel like dancing...

Is there such a thing as an unlucky number?

Yesterday, my officemate and I were talking music like we normally do. It's one of our bonding points. We segued, and don't ask me how, from a discussion of the lack of musical merit of Audioslave to the greatness that is Jeff Buckley.

Granted I don't know much about Jeff Buckley, I was pretty convinced I knew he was dead and asked my officemate (MyOM) if my memory was correct.

MyOM: Yep, he died swimming in the Mississippi River down near Memphis.

Swimming? Not drugs or suicide like so many others?

Well, drugs were involved. Heroin, I think. I'm pretty sure he was 27. Bad number.

Me [looking at Wikipedia]:
Actually, Wikipedia says he was 31. Why's 27 unlucky?

Lots of musicians died at 27.

Like who?

Kurt Cobain...

I look on Wikipedia. Sho 'nuff, he died a little more than a month after his 27th birthday.

MyOM: Jim Morrison...

Yep, five months shy of 28.

MyOM: Janis Joplin...

Three months ahead of her 28th.

MyOM: And Jimi Hendrix.

Two months to go for Jimi.

Me: Geez. I had no idea. Guess you simply need to make it to 28 to really "make it" in the music industry.

No kidding.

So, clearly, 27 is some seriously bad juju for musicians.

And, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what I find more disturbing, the fact that they all died at such a relatively young age or the knowledge that I've outlived all of them by five years and, yet, they achieved such exceptional levels of success.

But I'm still alive. And happy as hell to be out of that 27-year-old bracket.

TUA (Totally Unrelated Aside):
So, um, I've got this, er, "friend" who will be starting to take ballroom dancing classes with his lovely wife tonight at their local park district. Don't worry, it's nobody you know. Yeah, well, the two of them have this wedding coming up and they don't want to look stupid. And, being the good friend I am, I don't want them to look stupid either.

Well, anyway, he is a bit freaked out about it as the most experience he has with dance is grade school square dancing and watching a couple seasons of Dancing With the Stars. So, I am... he is nervous. Really nervous. He has two left feet and all that jazz and is not quite sure what, um, he should wear both in terms of clothes and shoes. And I just thought I'd be a good friend, yeah, and pass on what you all say to, er, him... and his lovely wife, of course.

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I like the number 27 (my birthday is on a 27th.)

Wear slacks and a casual shirt. I'm thinking you can't go wrong with that. You'll be able to move and look nice at the same time. Don't wear jeans. Er... I mean, tell your friend that. ;)


Buckley had the voice of an angel. I still cry when I hear 'Hallelujah'.

As for your "friend" I'd tell him to wear loose clothing, comfy shoes, and to dance like no ones watching. Trust me, there's no greater joy than letting go and being swept up in dancing. will be awesome I'm sure.


1. Take Snow Patrol off your list over there on the left. Please. Just seeing it over there makes me hate my work radio station even more.

2. I'm glad Eddie's past the age of 27 and lets be honest Kevin, you passed 27 a long long time ago.

3. Good luck at the dancing lessons. I'm sure you're not nearly as bad as you say. The good thing is that Katie has very small feet. Freakishly small feet.

4. Could you make me up a Buckley CD of mp3's???


Tell your "friend" to let loose and have fun with it....there is a reason they have classes for this sort of thing. I have this "friend" who had two left feet but somehow learned salsa and swing, just sayin'.


I know what your friend is going through, what with the two left feet and all. If I'm expected to dance with my clothes on I totally look like an idiot.


dancing is SO fun. just let go and enjoy yourself. it's a wonderful thing to do with your wife! :)


"I'm not sure what I find more disturbing, the fact that they all died at such a relatively young age or the knowledge that I've outlived all of them by five years and, yet, they achieved such exceptional levels of success."

This is exactly what I was thinking as I read and realized that my 32nd birthday is in about a week.

Tell your "friend" good luck with the dancing. I bet it will be lots of fun!


Oh, okay, so I've been waiting until the age of 27 to really make it? Well, come on then - where's my contract, and millions?!


Kosh and I have our "official celebration of marriage", as organized by his parents, coming up in May. We are kinda like unwilling participants in this,,, and while we know we'll have to do some sort of solo dance thingy, and while it wouldn't hurt to get a small routine down to entertain the guests and not have us look too much like left-footed people... it's not like Kosh has any time/energy after working hellish hours at the hospital to even contemplate dancing lessons!

Yup, that May event is going to be eeeenteresting, LoL!

And here's a TUA of my own: how about you tag yourself with this movie meme I just did? :-)


Buckley's dad Tim died at 28 -- odd no? (Although he beat the curse... it was only by four months.) He died of a heroine overdose. Troubled history for sure...

As for dancing, Tell your "friend" to wear shoes... NOT sneakers... you don't want the grip. (And it is tremendous fun. I plan to take it back up again when The Boy is a bit older.) The rumba, tango and fox trot were our faves...


Kyra, no jeans, eh? Bummer. Here I thought I was already all dressed up and ready to go. Slick dress shoes?

frances, unfortunately, there will be plenty of people watching and I'm the naturally self conscious sort.

Scott, your work radio station? Huh? You mean Muzak? I don't have to worry about that and I never listen to the radio anyway unless I've forgotten my iPod. So it stays.

Hilly, so there's hope for me... er, "him"?

Karl, please don't ever put naked dancing videos on YouTube. Promise me?

Sizzle, so long as we survive intact it is.

tori, isn't that a depressing realization?

Bec, sorry. It's not like a hard and fast rule or anything. ;-)

lynne, good luck with the May thing. That will definitely be interesting. As for the movie meme, I saw it on your post in a cursory read through this morning and saved the post so I can do it next week. I didn't miss it! ;-)

Nat, you know that much about Buckley that you even know when his dad died? Or did you just read it on Wiki? So dress shoes with smooth bottoms will be good?


Weird about the 27 thing. And even stranger that all my life, I just KNEW I was going to die at 27. That was just when I was expecting to go (don't know why). Of course, now I'm 31. Heh. :)

And about the dancing...WOOHOOOOO! You know I'm all about the ballroom dancing - the boyfriend and I have learned several dances now. What kind of lessons are you doing? Waltz? Foxtrot? Tango? Do the tango!!


27 was my golden year! (27 on the 27th...!) Thank goodness I'm not a musician.


Nat is quite right. Your friend want to wear the dress shoes with the smooth bottoms. That was the first thing that came to mind when I read "ballroom dancing." Best of luck to your friend.


Chase, several different dances. Since it's park district, it's kinda all inclusive. No real focus on one. Instead they give us several so we can figure out what we like.

Sandra, a big thank goodness!

Dagny, smooth shoes, it is!

Eileen Dover

Does your friend want to do slow dancing, or fast dancing?

Whatever your 'friend' wants to do, I suggest he picks a dance where he can dip the lady. Nothing looks sexier than a dip or two.

Besides, no one will be looking at you. Err. Him. They'll be looking at how fab she looks.


Maybe your friend should watch "Shall we Dance?" and that will inspire him ;)


27...who knew? I guess another reason to be grateful that I have absolutely no musical talent, unless you include listening.

Your friend should definitely not worry too much about the parks district having a top notch dance floor...I'm assuming your friend will see everything from jeans and tennis shoes to Mac Daddy ol' school. I think "smooth" shoes, any pants and a sequined muscle shirt will do. Hah! Have fun!


If your 'friend' can master leading, he'll be able to make all the ladies swoon. good luck!

And I think it was in RuPaul's autobio that I read about 27/28 being a big shift year for people- certain number of cosmic cycles or some such... it was a rough time for me, so I fit the pattern too.


Eileen, actually, several dances will be taught so he can get his feet wet, as it were. Not sure which one he'll latch onto though.

kilax, Dancing with the Stars isn't enough?

Foo, ummm... no go on the muscle shirt. Sorry. ;-)

claire, we'll see about the leading bit. I'll let you know how he does. ;-)

Geeky Tai-Tai

I gave my son a choice when he was in high school -- get involved in an activity (sports, clubs, etc.) or take dancing lessons. He chose dance lessons. He's very happy he did because now he's a babe-magnet! Definitely, your "friend" should wear casual shirt, slacks and leather-soled shoes; preferably with laces. Your friend doesn't want his shoes falling off in the middle of a lesson.


Words of encouragement from our dancing teacher at our first lesson, "If you can walk, you can dance". The first 5 minutes were the worst - he asked to see what we could do (an embarrassing shuffle). Now we fly around dance floors and get cross with all those shufflers who don't understand the road rules!

My words of wisdom - hold on firmly, the girlie needs to know you are there.


I have to say, sober, you could die swimming in the Mississippi due to the dead stuff that generally floats around in it (I went to school on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi).

That being said, there is nothing better than a man who can dance. As hoity toity or cumbersome or scary or nervewracking as it is...the man I've been seeing took me to a black tie dinner a year after we started dating and it ended up he was an amazing ballroom dancer...and never told me.

A very good thing.


Ah, hell, they didn't get to really enjoy most of their success anyway. We're better off.

...Only with less money.


Geeky, thankfully, they did not fall of my feet. Your son made an odd, but noble, choice.

Jo, I think your dance instructor was being overly optimistic granting that generalization to all students. But it's a nice thought. We were doing better by the end, but we still need a lot of practice.

steppingoverthejunk, that would be a rather pleasant surprise for you, wouldn't it? No, not the junk floating in the Mississippi, but the dancing partner.

Greg, and think how much more music you could like with that extra money. Drooool..


You never heard of the 27 Club? LOTS of members!


Holy crap! That's insane.

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