I'm too much with myself...
Fox on the run...


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You clean up real good!

Good luck on your first day!


Lookin' good boss, but you're jumping right into the next one without a break? I need at least two weeks to recharge when making a switch...


Hee hee! Spiffy!
I do really like the tie.
Good luck, don't be nervous, all that positive energy stuff!!


Awww. So professional looking. That is unless you forgot your pants. You didn't forget them, did you?


My, my, my, aren't you the handsome fellow! Good luck with your new job. I'm sure you'll wow them.


I thought J.T. brought sexy back........then I saw your picture. One word: WOW! I'm not worthy of being your brother-in-law you sexy beast.

Good luck on the job today buddy, congrats again.


Is it wrong to call another straight man sexy?


I've printed out your photo... cut it out... pasted it into a heart... then taped it to my computer display...


You're 100% adorable. Now where's the booty shot?


You ARE teh sexy!

(oh please don't let Karl read this today and see that I typed that)

It's like the first day of school for you! Good luck =).


I like that olive-y shirt color. It is very pretty.

Good luck on the first day ;) Can't wait to hear all about it!

(I wish I could see Dave's monitor!)



And so oh-six with the outstretched arm indicating you're taking the picture yourself, the latest genre of photography.


Whew boy! Shake yo groove thang! I almost thought you were James Bond for a moment.

Tracy Lynn

All dressed up and rarin' to go! Good luck, pal!


Hope evrything is going/went well...

I've got that damn song in my head now... :)

ms. sizzle

dapper kevin!


Give that boy a dark Italian-made jacket and he'd be a world shaker.


very chic! bet you knocked them dead on your first day. congrats!


Alissa, I figure the fashion guides will shine on me at least once in my life.

BA, just one day off. I never know what to do with myself on vacations.

Diane, as would be expected, Katie picked 'em all out. I have no sense of fashion.

Dagny, shhh... it'll be our secret. They were left on the hangar.

Dragon, thanks.

Scott, and there can be only one me. Bow before the might of the Sexy Beast.

Neil, not at all. Run with your feelings.

Dave, I'm honored! Thanks!

Chase, that'll be later in the week. Secret password-protected site just for you!

Hilly, I won't tell him if you don't.

Kilax, I want to see his monitor, too. And thanks.

SJ, gotta love the self photography.

Elaine... Apgar, Kevin Apgar.

Tracy, thanks.

Bec, sorry to do that to you.

Sizzle, unfortunately I don't have enough hair to warrant Dapper Dan.

RW, I think I'd rock that jacket!

Suze, you betcha!


You look very sexy!
Your wife must have really great taste;)
I only wish I could have seen you in person today:( Good luck again. Love you!


By the way the last comment was from Katie-the wife of kapgar


Thank you, hon. Yes, you have spectacular taste!


Lookin' good, Kevin!


Muchas gracias.


aww, you look handsome kappers


Why thank you, sweetheart!

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