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Satellite Unlucky
I don't usually like to jump on the whole "blogging Digg" craze. And I hate it when people start entire blogs based on nothing more than talking about stories they dug on Digg.com. I think this sort of thing cheapens blogging.

However, I'm going back on that today, and today only. Simply because this story cracked me the hell up.

First off, if you want to make the most of this story, you will need to download the latest version of Google Earth. It's a great program and one that everybody should play with at least once in their lives. Basically, Google Earth is a steroid-laced version of Google Maps that allows you to look up any location on Earth using map coordinates or address or whatever and it will pan and zoom in on the location you request using existing satellite photography. Make sense?

On to the story...

Apparently, I'm a bit late on this bit of news, but this past week's Digg.com podcast (vodcast, videocast, whatever the hell it's called) featured what has got to be one of the funniest Web-based errors I've ever heard of in my life.

It seems as though some woman in Holland was caught sunbathing topless in her backyard on Google Earth. Even after more than a week, her satellite image is still there. Oh, the coordinates are in the Digg comments. I'm not going to make it that easy for you.

Granted, once you zoom in enough, you can't really see much. It looks like a fleshy colored blob that just happens to be in the shape of a human. Heck, for all we know (and this argument was posited on Digg) it could be a blow-up doll or even a man. But the likelihood is not that good. What person in their right mind would put a blow-up doll in their backyard and for what purpose? And the ratio of female to male nude sunbathers in backyards leans much more in favor of la femme. We men are much more humble than that. ;-)

Another argument that was raised on Digg was that of privacy and the invasion of it by technology such as satellites.

It's not as though this satellite was intentionally trying to find her. At least not that I can tell. It was a standard geosat taking it's normal round of photographs of the planet for whatever purposes they have for them. It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not that you won't see a firestorm kicked up because of it anyway, though.

So what's your opinion? Is it a violation of privacy although entirely unintended and being something (satellite photography) that happens on a regular basis and for non-invasive reasons anyway? Or was she just one person craving no tan lines who was shit outta luck that day?

And who the hell finds these damn things anyway?

Carnival of the Mundane
Hey! I'm hosting the twentieth edition of the Carnival of the Mundane this Friday. If you are interested, you need simply send me a link to a recent blog post that you consider "mundane" and I will work it into my post. If you would like more information about submitting to this Carnival, check out these guidelines for joining. Don't leave your link in the comments to this post. I'd prefer you send me an e-mail.

I'm not sure what the deadline is for submitting as the official announcement post hasn't gone up on their site yet; but, for all of you, I'd like to call it at midnight CDT on Thursday. We are still on daylight savings time, right?

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Clocks turn back on October 29th...


What exactly do you mean by "blogging Digg?" Does that mean writing posts about items on Digg? And why are you always using the cool web terms before any of us?


Allison, thanks for the reminder. I knew it was somewhere around that time.

Neil, that's pretty much it. As people read stories on Digg.com, they blog about them. They also have their sites registered with Digg which allows them to link from the Digg.com story page to their own post on their blog. Notoriously, every story reads exactly the same way. You'd swear that there is some sort of prepackaged text that Digg puts together to each of their "satellite bloggers," as it were, to use on their blogs. They also have a link on each of their posts that takes readers back to the original Digg post so they can "dig" it. Kinda weird.


There is no privacy issue here. Anything that winds up on Google was meant to be there. Google is never wrong. Never. I call it Digital Destiny.


Spring forward! Fall back! That didn't answer your question, but I wanted to say it.


Definitely not a violation of privacy... if it is so blurred out (and I am not going to check it) than what is the big deal?

Everytime I get onto google earth, it moves so fast on my computer screen I have to turn away so I won't get a headache. If it isn't steriod-laced, it is definitely on crack.


Ha! This is why one must think about going out and sunbathing in the nude. If you're worried about other people seeing you, then don't do it.


Wow, I've never heard of Digg.com. I'm always the last to know. I heard of Lonelygirl15 the day before the whole thing was exposed as a fake.

My question about the privacy thing is, can you tell exactly what house this is, the address or anything? If so, then it could be dangerous what with people trying to figure out where she is and trying to take more pictures of her.


I'm stunned that there may be super thrifty gentlemen with enough time to browse Google Earth for what they consider free pseudo porn. I am dying laughing!


Dustin, now that's funny... Digital Destiny. I like it.

Sandra, it is fun to say. I'll give you that.

Kilax, would your opinion change if it was a crystal clear image?

Dagny, some people have no shame. I envy them.

Brandon, you can certainly tell which house it is and, based on street shapes and the like, probably figure out what the address is. There are enough landmarks nearby that anyone with a passing knowledge of a map layout of that city could figure out who it is. Wonder if anyone has knocked on her door?

Anomie-Atlanta, I would think it'd be more efficient to just pay for porn. I could be wrong though.


Oh, that's funny about the alleged topless woman. The thing is, in Holland, topless sunbathing is probably not that big of a deal. I did it all this summer at my inlaws because they live out in the country and their pool is surrounded by woods. The day I stopped was the day that their closest neighbor decided to come through the woods on his 4 wheeler. I wasn't freaked. I just didn't know if he would tell them or call the police or something. Is it even illegal to sunbathe topless in your own yard?

I digress.

I think I can submit my entire blog as mundane, if that would work.

Have a great day Kappers. As you can see, I'm catching up.


Oooh, one more thing.. I HEART google earth. Did you look at Niagra Falls? It's really clear on there. I followed it all the way down the river to the whirpools and beyond. For some reason, the more prominent areas in the world are a lot clearer, than trying to find your own house. Like the Eiffel Tower. TOo cool.

I also wonder how often pics are updated because last time I checked my house it was summer but the google pic had snow on the ground and I think it was my house before we added the second floor because it looked yellow (old color) and not sage (new color).

We should look up each others houses. Ok, I'm done leaving my POSTS in your comment section. I hope it kept you entertained for a while.


Niagara is cool on GE. I just checked it out now. I'm not sure how often it is updated. I'm guessing once a year, maybe. It has been updated since the last time I was on it, though. More stuff around my house.

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