And baby, talk dirty to me...
I wanna soak up the sun...

Who's gonna drive you home...

I know that I've read some memes lately on a few blogs here and there that I've liked and wanted to take part in. However, at the moment, they're avoiding me. That's right, I cannot find the sites where I originally read them. So I guess I will have to create one for today.

I shall call it...


  1. Driver's seat or passenger seat?
  2. What was the first car you owned (could have been purchased by someone else)?
  3. What is the first car you paid for yourself?
  4. How many cars are currently housed in your place of residence? How many are still operable?
  5. If money were not a factor, what kind of car would you own?
  6. If a police investigation was not a factor, what kind of car would you destroy any time you see it? Why?
  7. Does driving in big city traffic fill your veins with adrenaline or your pants with something a bit worse?
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve regarding driving and/or your fellow drivers?
  9. What's the most expensive traffic ticket you've ever received (could be monetary or jailtime)?
  10. What is the name you've given to your current vehicle (be honest, everyone names their car)?

And my answers...

  1. Driver's seat, definitely. While I do admit to liking being a passenger in my wife's car from time to time, any time I'm in the passenger seat of my truck, I feel like an alien without a green card.
  2. A 1984 Chrysler LeBaron purchased by my parents in 1992. I flipped it a month and a half later. I didn't own another car until late 1997, although I drove one of my dad's old business cars when I was home from college.
  3. My red 1997 Ford Ranger that I'm still driving.
  4. Two, the Ranger and Katie's 2000 Dodge Stratus.
  5. Tough choice, but I think I will have to go with a 1964 Shelby Cobra.
  6. Honda Element. The fugliest car I've ever seen. It looks like those old-styled train engineer caps. In a close second is the Pontiac Aztek. Gah! Thank God they killed that line.
  7. Adrenaline, baby! I live for competing with taxi drivers. So long as it's not Travis Bickle, I suppose.
  8. Idiots of any variety. Slow drivers, drivers that cut you off, drivers more attuned to their cellphones than the job at hand, you name it.
  9. $75 for 15 over. No jail time. Sorry to disappoint.
  10. A few different names.
    • "Lordbug" - a name given by one of my friends since my truck is black and red like a ladybug but far too manly to be given that name; so the Ranger got a variant.
    • "Beast" - with Katie's car being "Beauty." 
    • "Red Ranger" - for obvious reasons.
    • "Anduril" - for all you not so well versed in Lord of the Rings lore, Anduril is the sword that Aragorn carries and he's a Ranger from the west. My truck is a Ranger and he resides with me in Chicago's far west suburbs.

You know the routine. No tags. Just takes.