Love me, love me, say that you love me...
I need a remedy for what is ailing me...

Every single one of us, the devil inside...

I told myself I wasn't going to post anything about 6/6/06 on the day it actually happened. While you would think this is the sort of day I would really get into, I was truly getting sick of seeing all the build up to it. It was everywhere. The Naperville (IL) Sun community newspaper even gave it a full front-page spread. Apparently it was a slow news day in the western suburbs. People were making such a big to-do about it that I just couldn't stand it anymore.

So I'm posting about 6/6/6 on 6/7/6, or, if you prefer international dating methods as I do, 6/6/7 or 7/6/6... your choice.

However, there were a few things I just had to mention.

The iPod Chronicles
Many of you have read about how I believe iPods and their users develop a bit of symbiotic relationship, right? Well, it's happening with Black iP as well. Last night, as I got in my truck to come home from work, I put BiP on my dock and pressed play. Since it's on random, I never know which of the more than 5,000 songs will play first.

This time? INXS' "The Devil Inside." No joke. I swear to God. Appropriate, eh?

I was half expecting Beck's "Devil's Haircut" next. However, the Devil's Day theme ended with our fave Aussies.

International ____ Day
I'm a bit behind on listing the coming week's holidays. Sorry about that. It just didn't seem to fit in to my posts on either Monday or Tuesday. So here it is a day late; hopefully not a dollar short.

Satan Incarnate
Okay, that's a bit strong to describe this person. How about "dumb as a nail, self-involved bitch"?

Did anyone watch the Today show yesterday morning? I don't watch it all that much since the announcement that Meredith Vieira would take over co-hosting duties with Matt Lauer. However, this week has been heaven. Katie Couric is gone and Vieira's not quite there yet. So Ann Curry, who should be the co-anchor, is sitting in with Matt.

Anncoulter_1 Anyway, yesterday, Matt was interviewing Ann Coulter. She's a political analyst and writer whom I've heard of but had never really seen, listened to, or read before. She was booked to help promote her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.

Well, as you would expect if you've ever watched any interview show, it wasn't just about the book. Lauer started grilling her on her opinion regarding the war in Iraq, immigration reform, and Bush's attempts to push through a gay marriage ban (you all already know my opinion on that one). He was giving her some good, but fair questions. Nothing too tough. They were questions that anybody with a passing knowledge of current events should be able to answer, and they should have been easy for an analyst such as Coulter.

She was fumbling through them worse than a teenager about to lose their virginity. She was an awkward, mumbling deer in headlights. She was pulling every no-no that you ever learn in speech and broadcast journalism courses in school. And there wasn't a single question that she answered to the satisfaction of either the viewing audience (I'm assuming based on my own reaction) or Matt Lauer. You could tell he was getting frustrated.

However, when he said, "let's discuss a quote from your new book," she said, "Great! Finally what I came here to talk about!" (I paraphrase, for the record).

As soon as she said that, I turned it off. At first, I was fascinated by how bad she was. Clearly she is the sort of political analyst that can work only in a situation in which she either has a substantial amount of time to think things through adequately or an editor to catch her guffaws. If televised, I think she must require a script and teleprompter. She obviously cannot think under pressure.

And her enthusiasm for talking about her book and nothing else just disgusted me. I couldn't watch any more.

They say that first impressions last the longest; or, is it, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression"? Well, either way, the first impression she left on me was far from a positive one. She's a moron.

The Omen
So how am I celebrating the day after Devil's Day? I'm going to see The Omen tonight with my brother and his fiancee. Katie has no desire to see it, and just doesn't do horror movies in general. She was more than happy to be working tonight and sending us off to see this. I've heard good things about it and I dig Julia Stiles. I'll let you know.

I found a video of Coulter's appearance on the Today show on YouTube. The video is not the best quality, but the audio speaks volumes. Check it out...



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Ann Coulter is a screw ball. She is always like that. She always sounds like she has no idea of her thoughts. She has been on with Bill Maher before and was the same way.

We have 666 ever day. (6th hour, 6th minute and 6th second) So, yesterday was obviously no big deal.


I'd worry about your iPod being possessed, but since it played INXS then that'd be possessed by something good. Don't sweat it. ha.

Ann Coulter. Ugh. She's like a female Rush Limbaugh. Can't believe she had a hard time getting words out. I wonder if one of the producers told her that, since she's filling in for Katie, she can't discuss politics. Suddenly she'd have nothing to say.

Omen, dunno, dude. It's not looking good. Rotten Tomatoes has it listed as a mere 32%.


I knew there was a reason why I usually avoid the morning shows.


Dude, Ann Coulter freaked me out. I turned on the Today show while I was still in bed trying to wake up and the rest of my morning went downhill from there. Not a good way to start the day. How could she call the wives' of the victims of 911 "millionaire broads just seeking attention" (I'm paraphrasing from memory)?

ms. sizzle

ann needs to eat a burger.


Ann Coulter, I've seen her a few times and she's the type of person that makes you hate Republicans. Usually I can see (somewhat) what the other parties points of view are, and sometimes I can agree with what they are saying, but not with her. You should see her on Bill O'Reilly. Seeing as both of them argue the same way, "screw the actual question/quote/topic I'm supposed to be defending/opposing, I'm going to bash the person who said it", it's actually quite hilarious to see them together. Another thing about Ann Coulter, for the love of God Ann, EAT SOMETHING YOU SKINNY BITCH!!! Good post today Kevin, you really got me fired up for work, this is going to be a great day.


A pity you turned it off... you missed an example of hypocrisy at its most hypocritical. :-)


MIM, I don't think I can ever watch her again. Yet I wonder if I'd be able to turn her off. Would it just be morbid curiosity to see what stupid thing she says next? Aye aye aye. So yesterday we had super-Satan Day when we hit 06:06.06 on 6/6/06, eh?

Karl, thankfully she's not filling in for Katie and was just a guest. I'd shoot myself and Today's producers otherwise. Ebert and Roeper dug The Omen, though. Not that I trust them, but they have been pretty on with a couple movies lately (Da Vinci, The Break Up, and Over the Hedge).

Dagny, sadly, she's everywhere.

Elaine, isn't she ridiculous? If I were a Republican (not that I'm a Democrat; I'm independent), I would not want her in the media representing "our viewpoint."

Sizzle, agreed.

Scott, wow! I even fired you up enough to comment! Never thought it would be Ann Coulter for you. But I can certainly understand why now.

Dave, but I did watch it on YouTube today and I'm glad I turned it off yesterday. That much ignorance needs to be taken in doses.


So, if we were all goi ng to hell yesterday. I wonder where we will go on 7/11 this year. I stole that. I thought it would be funny. Maybe not!


I once hurled my pickle. But then I had to pee real bad and couldn't screw it back on in time.


Sort of OT, seeing as everyone is discussing Anne... but I am *so down* with The Count. He's way cooler than Cookie Monster. Way.


MIM, if 7/11's are 24 hours, why do they have locks on the doors?

jackt, I'm thinking King Missile right about now. I gotta play that song.

Carly, the Count does rock. And it's so much fun to walk around talking like him. Oh, and considering the haphazardness of my post, it's not OT.


Dude, it's been documented by like scientists and doctors and other people with white coats and pocket protectors that iPods are most assuredly. More than that they can read your mind and tell the future.

I know people that swear their iPod can tell a person's se xual orientation via usage of the shuffle function.

Also, I know their are people who use their iPod like a magic 8 ball. They ask it a question and depending on what song comes up from the shuffle, they attempt to discern the answer.

I'm waiting for my own iPod to start feeding me lottery numbers.


7/11's have locks so that when they are robbed the doors can be locked so's nos'body cans gets outs!


Dustin, I don't know about sexual orientation, but I'll attest that both iPods I've owned have known and understood my mood better than any human, myself included. I've done the pseudo 8 ball thing as well. Kinda funny that way. But, I'm sure we can read anything we want into a random song that comes up. But programming according to mood is solely an iPod thing. No human intervention or subjective interpretation involved whatsoever in that one.

MIM, sound rationale, isn't it?


I'm with Sizz -- it looks like she's on Maria Schriever's diet.


I don't know that I would agree Coulter is stupid. Obviously, she doesn't impress on television. But she does very well for herself as a self-promoter and cheerleader (albiet a disturbingly skinny one) for the administration.

My problem with her is that she's a liar. She quotes people out of context or simply lies about them and pretends "facts" that she's molested more than a 12-year old at the Michael Jackson ranch are suddenly true. I think she sits in front of her computer and just spews out bullshit on paper that she wishes were true, then has some research assistant find a citation that might contain some of the same words, and puts it in an endnote. She plays on fears and prejudices. She speaks to people who remember a time long past with nostalgia and tells them that the source of their problems are the faceless "liberals." The end product is a book from the land of fairies and unicorns that makes A Million Little Pieces look real.

And that's what disturbs me most about her. It's not even her at all. It's how so many people read the garbage she writes and are ignorant enough to actually believe it has some basis in reality.


Sandra, the "Maria Shriver" diet? I haven't seen any pictures of her in years. How bad is she?

BA, maybe not "stupid," per se, but it's still her fault for having found that flaw in the human condition and preying upon it, though. Granted, as humans, we should exercise free will and our god-given ability to look for further explanation instead of just accepting everything thrown at us as gospel truth. But, too often, we do not. I'm guilty on occasion myself.

And her inability to answer doesn't exactly make her look like the brightest bulb in the pack.


Ok, from a pure media relations perspective... why would you not be more prepared for an interview with the Today? Seriously, five minutes and you don't look like an idiot.

Can someone explain this form of Republicanism to me? Please?



How was the Omen? I can't help but laugh everytime I see the commercial with Julia Stiles' rendition of, "I think there's something wrong with Damien!" It's awful!


I loved the original Omen. The big scary-assed church in the original (where they drive up and then Damien freaks out) is Guildford Cathedral and I used to live in the shadow of it. A thing I was fine with until I saw the film...


I think the setting on my monitor is off. I spent an hour looking for the Ann Coulter as Damien video.


Nat, it's the George W. Bush form of Republicanism.


they were playing the latter part of her interview with Matt on the radio morning show I listen to this morning. The quote from her book about the 9/11 widows who are speaking out against the bush admin. She calls them "broads" and later writes "I've never seen people so excited about they're husbands' death" or something of that ilk. Nutjob, is what she is.


Nat, that's just it. I can't explain it whatsoever. It's not even fundamentalist or extreme right-wing Republicanism as I would think even they would have a heart and emotion. I'd hope, at least.

Jacynth, not great, not terrible. Just so-so. I cover it somewhat in today's post.

Bec, did you start freaking out at that time? Still a big church in this movie, too. Not sure whicy one though.

Chanakin, I'm sure that one is soon to be coming.

SJ, the "make the rest of us look like asses" form of Republicanism?

Suze, what's sick is that I actually want to read it just so I have more fuel for the fire of my hatred for her.


I didn't freak out in a 'that's a house of God and he hates me' way, but any small, dark haired children crying near it and I'd be off.


She is at least part demon, and I have proof. Look at the picture you posted. Look at her hand on her hip. Look at the LENGTH of that hand in proportion to her forearm. Look at the length of the metatarsils (sp?)--the "hand" part of her hand--as opposed to the length of her fingers. Now examine your OWN hands and arms, and those of anyone around you. Ann Coulter's feet are the same way--I swear, she's not precisely human. That freaky picture just blows my mind.


Bec, I wouldn't blame you at all.

Belinda, oh thanks! Now I'm going to have nightmares about some kind of Beelzebubian Ann Coulter swooping in at night and carrying me off to the nether.

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