Santa Claus is coming to town...

Okay, maybe not Santa. But this has the potential to be so much better!


Anybody going to be in town on June 3 who would be interested in joining us?

Katie and I will be there. Jenny's coming. And there are a couple others that we're awaiting word on. No detailed plans on what will be happening. It may be a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants sort of thing unless the attendance gets out of hand.

But impromptu tends to be that much more fun in a city like Chicago!

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Tracy Lynn

JEALOUS! The dialysis schedule says no, but I want to!
*pouts* Curse you, kidneys!


Ohhhhhh. Wow. I'm sort of speechless. Sort of wanting to go. Sort of wondering if you even know who the hell I am.

I can help with that last one: NOBODY.

But it sounds like a blast and I swear my invisible plane could get me there in 29 minutes since I'm in Springfield. Ohhhhhhh.


Ooh, I wish I could be there. *pout*


Damn the UK being so far away!!!


Chanakin told me about this. If I can scrape up some mulah in the next couple of weeks, I'll be there. I need a little fun and tequila!


That would be cool, but it's a kids weekend for my husband and me, so we're going to have to pass. :(


Why does that cartoon guy look fimiliar?


So what's the deal here? Is this like a one-day thing?


Wait - do we all have to wear Bulls jerseys? I didn't get any memo about a dress code!


Tracy, it would be fun if you could be here. But I do understand.

Mocha, okay, not at the moment. It might take some reading of your site before I figure it out. Any clues you care to share?

Karl, you know you want to...

Bec, it's only a puddle jump away!

Chase, scrape it up! It'll be fun!

Nicole, bummer. I was hoping you could. Some kiddie cocktails and you're set, though.

Mikey, I can't quite place it, either.

Karl, the official get together is one day. But he's in town a bit longer.

Jenny, we can all bank on Dave wearing one, at least. You, Katie, and I? Nah.


I really expensive pubble jump though... Damn my low paid job and having to pay rent!


I wish I could but I can't.


Um... if you had it in August I could come :( Now I feel sad, dammit Kevin!


Bec, yeah, rent/mortgage will do it to ya. Does it to us as well.

Jacquie, you can, and you will! The Lord Kapgar commands it!

Or something like that. ;-)

Kilax, sorry, both Dave and I were really hoping you'd be around. You're not back until August? Bummer.


wow. that would be fun. stupid canada, being so far and yet so close to chicago... ;)


C'mon, how far can it be?


Is this a general, everyone-included invitation?

I am now just a long-day's drive from Chi-Town ...


Well... I tried to get him to come out to Geneva but I guess he has no car. Will be interesting to meet other bloggers from the Greater Chicago area - hell I thought I was the only one!



SJ, yep, if you wanna make the trip, come on out. We advertised it on my site because there is less risk of it getting out of control in terms of attendance as opposed to if we advertised it on Dave's site. That's one heckuva long daytrip.

RW, let's teach him the ins and outs of Metra. Are you actually in Geneva?


I'm in the Western Burbs but work near Elburn which - if Dave tried Metra - is probably where he would end up. And that might be worth a couple of entries at Blogography, but then we'd probably all end up at Papa G's.


It would be perfect. We teach him about Metra and, if he misses my stop, he can either get out at La Fox, which is actually much closer to where I live than the Geneva stop, or Elburn where you've got him covered.

Where's Papa G's? I'm willing to try anything.


In Elburn by the ice cream place. But just a family restaurant thing. Hardly the place for a guy who only eats barley and stuff...


That's true that it might be a bit difficult for Dave to manage through that one. Spinach pizza, it is!


sounds good but i'm halfway around the world with no inkling as to when i'll be back in that neck o' the woods. yet. but when i *am* back, i will be in chicago for at least one year, so maybe for y'all's *next* session Kosh & I may make an appearance? would be cool to put faces to bloggers, eh? Hope ya'll have fun! :-)


That would be very cool. Now, who's Kosh?


I'm open for whatever. Next time I'm in town (mid-July), I will have a car and not be on the clock... and so I will be able to go anywhere.

This time, however, it may be difficult for me to leave the downtown area. I've got people flying in and, though I have nothing going on Saturday or Sunday, I'd feel better knowing that I was around town just in case somebody needed to get some art or photos or work stuff to me for review.

Let me know. I have no problem Metra... :-)


I don't blame you on wanting to be around. I think RW and I were just giving you a hard time. Heh.

July will be fun. Not the fourth, though, eh? Ever watch fireworks from the Sears Tower? It's an interesting experience. You look down at them.


I am jealous beyond words. BEYOND WORDS. Which is why I'm yelling.


Two words: plane tickets.

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