Breakdown, takedown... you're busted...
Pictures of the friends you used to know...

And I want it now...

After reading Karl's post yesterday, I was quite jealous. I knew that Paul had sent out our copies of The Lost Blogs last Friday, but here was Karl already in possession of his and I had nothing yet. I was sad, confused, remorseful, apologetic, angry... where was my copy?!?!

Damn you, United States Postal Service! Damn you to Hell!

But then I arrived home last night (after picking up the car o' doom) and found my very own California-postmarked bubblepak. I guess maybe I could have been just a bit more patient.

Woo Hoo!!! It was here! I finally had my grubby mits on my own copy!

And here it is in all its deserved glory and splendor. The fruits of my GBBMC labor (it wasn't really labor, per se, but I'd hate to deface the old idiom anymore than I already had) were here!

The Davidson Collection
Ahhh... the new baby posing with his older brother, Consumer Joe (I bought CJ a few months ago)

Yes, I realize I did not win the promotion. However, since I created and admin'd it, Paul rewarded me with my own copy as well. And it was personalized, to boot!

My Signed Copy
He's a smart aleck, that Paul Davidson.

So, I'd like to give my thanks to Paul one more time for allowing me to get away with this project without ever really asking his permission ahead of time.

Normally, such insolence may have found me swimming with the fishes. Thankfully, Pauly's much more forgiving. Heh.