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Lost Blogs: Day 5

I told you yesterday about the one time in my career that I did not win my race. But would you like to know the real kicker behind this story?

The little bastard who beat me was known affectionately as “Upset.” What the hell kind of nickname is that? But, this name existed well before this particular race. In all honesty, I have no idea what his real name is… everyone always called him “Upset.”

So, when he beat me, the race was “won by Upset.”

Anytime you hear “winner by upset,” “won in an upset,” or some other derivation, you can blame that little freak. No joke.

I win all but one race in my career, and he gets a catchphrase.

Do I have a catchphrase? Nuh-uh. All I’ve got is a wannabe jellyfish and a street in my hometown.

I don’t know if he won any other races before or after that one. But what does it matter? That one race was “won by Upset.”

Life just ain’t fair. My partner, Johnny, found that out the hard way. He was canned.

Heh heh. There I go laughing again. I gotta stop that… it hurts. And the doctors look at me like I’m nuts.

Maybe I am nuts… but I’m craving an apple.

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