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It's time to welcome a new addition to the family (no, Katie and I did not have a baby).

Miscipodvideo After all our nagging and bargaining and taking advantage of the system, we finally convinced Best Buy to swap out that crappy old iPod with a spiffy new iPod with video playback. You gotta love playing the system. Heck, every service tech in the place kept telling me that I just need to make sure I take advantage of the "No Lemon Policy" on the service plans... so I did.

It's a wonderful little toy. The picture is crisp, despite being small. But it's still entirely watchable. I've already checked out a couple of music videos and an episode of The Office on it and it's not nearly as bad as you might think.

Katie coined the name for this new Pod. It shall, henceforth, be known as Black iP (as in Black Eyed Peas). It was a great name for it and she came up with it completely on the fly with very little effort. How can you say no to that name?

I do feel guilty, though. Sort of like I'm abandoning doPi. He still works perfectly well and I have loved our time together, but we're talking about me and toys.

I think I'll still be using doPi, though. Maybe at home attached to the stereo or out in the workshop in the garage or leave it at the office. He will still see service. He will still be loved.

Now I just need a new case. This is one iPod that you can't afford to scratch the screen on.

Oh, and MrJerz will be proud to know that the first song played on it was Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone." I wasn't about to let you down, Jerz!


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I'm so jealous. I'm hoping that this year (big 10 year anniversary) my hubs will catch all my hints and get me an IPod! Congrats. I love working Best Buy. I keep upgrading my digital camera with them ;)

Johnny C.

Nice dude. I hope you enjoy it. My girl and my Dad both have those. I'm waiting for the mythed touch screen, but I'm buying a new computer first.



I STILL don't have an iPod of any kind. Every time I have a spare few hundred, I spend it on some camera lens or computer toy. I guess I must be more visually inclined than audial. (Is that even a word? It is now!)

bec (havucnmycaml)

Ipod... sigh... I still use a CD Walkman. Yes, that's right, when it comes to mobile music I am a less-than-an-hour-and-a-half-at-a-time person.
Wow, that felt good to get off my chest. Maybe I shouldn't be ashamed?
But the having to carry it in a bag and not in a pocket is a stigma I may never be comfortable with!

ms. sizzle

it would have been funny if you had not told us for 9 months that you were having a baby and then were like, hey! katie and i had a baby!

:) sizz


Hopefully you will take good care of doPi. He deserves your respect, and a proper send-off, after all he's done for you.


Yup, I still need a video one. Why? No idea, but my body is begging me for it. I barely use the photo feature on my iPod, but had to have it just the same. And I know you love that song as much as me, so I have something for you. Check out this album. It has many great mashups, including Sunce U Been Gone mashed with some Depeche Mode and something else. I can't stop listening to it.


Jacquie, lay the hints on thick.

Johnny, I wasn't sure if I wanted to wait that long. May happen soon, may not. The small screen is still pretty damn cool.

SJ, get spending! With your nutso love of music, an iPod is a moral imperative.

bec, wow! A CD walkman. I actually haven't owned one of those in almost six years. I was a minidisc user before my iPod.

Sizzle, I've thought about doing that. Wouldn't that be a shocker when I announced it?

Sandra, doPi is still loved immensely. He was my first. Everyone has a special place in their hearts for their first. Well, okay, most do.

MrJerz, thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out. I do use the video feature but haven't started on photos yet. I'm sure I will but I have no idea to what degree.


I'm dying for a video iPod. I have a 20GB gen-4 iPod and a cute little iPod mini. You'd think that would suffice, but I am addicted to TV as well and can't wait until I can carry my favorite TV shows in my pocket.


oh. i am so coveting your little black iP. i have a shuffle, and while I like the shuffle, dude, it only holds 240 songs at best. Hardly adequate for this girl that has 1000+ cds.

but it was a very thoughtful birthday present from my lovely bf, so I can't complain too loudly. Although, really, you'd think I'd have been worth the Nano at the very least ;)


I still lack iPod. *sigh* Course, it wouldn't do me much good right now since I'm DEAF! Aaaaaaaaa! I cannot imagine watching television shows on such a little screen. It boggles my mind that people are buying episodes on iTunes and actually viewing them on those little things.


Nicole, that's the reason I wanted one. Upgrading from my 15GB iPod to any of the other newer ones wasn't that big a deal. Bigger hard drives... whatever. Color screen... no biggie. I didn't even think video was that big a deal until I started watching it. So cool.

Suze, the Shuffle is great for working out when you have a few good songs you want to listen to. But I can't imagine trying to make that suffice for everyday living. I never know what I'm going to want to listen to at a given time and I tend to leave it to my iPod to decide for me. Working out, I want fast stuff, so a Shuffle is great. But I want selection when I'm at work or in my truck or wherever else.

1,000 CDs? Wow! I own a grand total of about 175 (down from my 350 collection of a couple years ago). Everything now pretty much comes from friends, iTMS, or the library.

Karl, I thought it was absurd to try to watch TV on something so small as well when they first announced the video Pods. But it's not that bad. You can't watch absolutely everything, though. Some things you will need a bigger screen to make out minute details. I can't imagine trying to watch Lost on one of these as the level of detail is incredible. But something like The Office where it's mostly dialogue driven, it's fine. Music videos are pretty damned cool on it, too.

Pretty soon, though, TiVo is supposed to allow for recorded shows to be transferred to video iPods. That will rock!


how did you swing that? I see you're representin' for the kevins! Congrats on the new addition!


I am so jealous. My boyfriend is getting the video iPod as well. Alas, I am stuck in the dark ages. Mine only plays music. :(

Jesus H. Christ

Congratulations on the new toy. I know I've loved my iPod for centuries (couldn't have gotten through the Dark Ages without it!).

Thank you for hanging out at my site, dude. You seem pretty cool for someone named Kevin. Most Kevins I know are e.v.i.l.


your screenshot made me laugh as that's just the song one guy was putting on all the docked iPods at the apple store on to compare them.


and I was suprised how good the video looked even on the real small screens. Definitely crisp. Even my dad agreed.


I have that on my Amazon wish list. Like most everyone that commented I am jealous.BTW KEVIN you just got another song stuck in my head. "Keep on Rockin" Thanks Bro!!


Jacynth, over the years, I've become damn good at playing the Extended Service Plan game. And that's exactly what it is... a game.

Jill, at least it still plays music. If it died, you'd be severely SOL. I could've lived without the new one so long as my old one still works.

Jesus, aren't they great? Thank you for instilling us mere mortals with the ability to conceive of such a wonderful creation. You da man! Oh, and can you make some more Good Kevins while you're at it?

Claire, actually that is a combination of the product photo from Amazon (only one I could find with a white background) and the display capture from (I didn't like the concert headshot of Bono that was on the Amazon one). If I had actually obtained my own screen capture, it would likely have been of the Feel Good Inc video. That would've been really cool. This particular Gorillaz song along with the still of Bono are the two big marketing images used with this generation of iPods. The Feel Good Inc capture is what's on the box. So, unfortunately, It's not a coincidence in the slightest.

Mikey, you can never go wrong with Neil Young. ;-)


I love my video ipod...BUT dont ditch the old one...The video ipode uses tons of battery power when watching video. I learned the hard way over the atlantic ocean with 5 more hours of flight time left.

I suggest you use the old ipod for music and the new one for video, if you intend on using for a long trip. You gotta always have a back up!


Xtine, that's a great idea! Now if only I could find a trans-Atlantic reason to test this...


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