And many mo-o-o-o-o-re...

Now that it's all over and I've got the photos uploaded and caption at Flickr, I can finally talk about what happened this past weekend.

Although the actual event does not occur for another month and a half, we held a surprise 60th birthday party for my Mom on Saturday night at Traverso's, an Italian restaurant in Naperville. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of pictures to show for it all.

The scene of the crime... Traverso's Italian restaurant in Naperville. Both my brother and I worked there one summer.

My Mom's seat
My dad saved all these things from his 60th birthday party last year for my mom to wear this year.

Mom walks in
The trap is sprung. My Mom's on the left and that's her friend, Lynda, on the right.

The attire
And wear all that stuff she did. All night long.

The floating heads
Three of the co-conspirators. I was manning the camera and my Dad was working the crowd.

Mom and Dad
My Mom and Dad.

The speech
Lynda delivering the first toast while my Mom hides her face. Brian, Jen, Katie, and I delivered a toast/roast as well, but I don't have those photos. I hope someone does.

Blowing out the candles
Thankfully for her, we didn't make her blow out 60 candles.

The aftermath
It was quite a good cake. No leftovers. My Dad was a bit upset.

The teeth
And who to blame?

Opening our gift
Mom opening the gift from Katie, Brian, Jen, and I.

The gift
It was a charm bracelet that Katie had custom made with the birthstones of all four of us (and, as she likes to point out, room for charms of the grandkids, when they happen).

The hug
My Mom's reaction. Yes, she did cry.

Lemon Drops
One final photo of how the four of us spent our evening while setting up. God bless lemon drops.

It was a fun night. Nearly 35 people showed up and we took up nearly the entire event room at Traverso's. The bill? Yeah, I think my Dad would prefer I not talk about it. Quite a few more photos are available for your perusal on Flickr.

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Wow Kevin, your mom looks pretty good. Is she really 60? I hope I look that good when I am 60!

PS you are making me miss all the restaurants in Chicago :-( I miss driving down one street and having 30 different choices that ARE NOT pasta! ;-)


Kevin, your mom does not look 60. She looks a lot younger! Good for her! Those are great pictures. And yes! Thank goodness for lemondrops!!! Mmmmmmm!

ms. sizzle

your parents are so cute! what a great celebration. that cake did look mighty gooood. ;)


Your mom is really gorgeous, and your parents look so happy! You are so lucky to have them. Treasure every moment.


Loved that you sprung it on her early. Glad you had a great time.


My god, your parents are SO cute. I'd like to throw a surprise party for my mom's 60th -- I'll have to hit you up for pointers.


Oh, great job, everybody! Now my parents' ego will skyrocket.

Kilax, sorry, but this was Italian. Something I'm sure you never will want to see again.

Jacquie, that bartender had 'em nailed!

Sizzle, it was!

SJ, I'll try. No guarantees. ;-)

Mikey, the early part was key. She had no idea it was happening. To her, she was just going out with my dad and our neighbors for dinner.

Sandra, sure, I'll help you out. But, as a warning, my dad actually did much of the planning. Katie, Brian, Jen, and I were set up and execution.


You can see right in the photos how cool your Mom and Dad must be.


It looks like everybody had a great time. The trap is sprung shot is perfect.


How sweet! So much happiness... and so much resemblance in the family!


That's awesome! My momma turns the big 6-0 this year too...I will definitely make her do shots. :)


Neil, yeah, they are. Although I'll deny having ever said that. Oh damn! It's in print now!

Claire, I was just upset that I wasn't able to take any of the "trap is sprung" shots (that one was from my brother. I was pressed right up against the inside of the door frame and everyone yelled surprise while my mom was still outside it. So the really good shots were missed entirely.

Jill, I knew someone would bring up the resemblance thing. Damn. Just when I thought I was in the clear. ;-)

Jacynth, the shots were just for the four of us (Katie, Brian, Jen, and I) because we were so freaked out that the surprise aspect wouldn't work out right.

Johnny C.

Looks like you guys had a good time!

I think my Dad would've punched me in the face if I had made him where all that "old person" gear on his 60th!


That's why I'm glad it was my dad who made my mom wear it. We just brought it along because my dad wanted it to be a surprise.




Stressful, but definitely fun.

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