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Is there a letter in your bag for me?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a meme that I was completing that one of the great things about blogging is the people that you meet.

So many bloggers have become friends as a result of this wonderful blogosphere (yeah, yeah, stop cringing at my use of an overexposed, cliched catchphrase) and you read about these meetings rather regularly.

For example, last November, Katie and I met Dave for a Depeche Mode concert.

This past weekend, Alissa flew out to San Francisco to meet up with Sandra, Jacynth, and Elliott and also met Sizzle.

There are many others. But these are just off the top of my head.

I'm hoping to meet some more of the people whose blogs I frequent sometime in the near future as well. There are several that I know Katie and I would have a good time with.

What I'm trying to say is that we, as bloggers, become part of a community. If you are genuine in your caring of these other people, they care about you as well. It may sound sappy, but I've met a really great group of people and I meet more of them every day.

We're a bit like a family that rarely ever physically sees each other. So, you make up for it by taking care of each other in different ways. You comment on their blogs, you e-mail each other, etc.

But, one of the bloggers who reads my site really went the extra mile for me recently.

Remember my post about loving black licorice a couple weeks ago? Well, my currently Roma-bound blogger pal, Kilax, who is also a black licorice fan, offered to send me some true Italian licorice. Just out of the clear blue. I didn't prompt it in any way, shape, or form.

There was no way I was going to let her fork over cash to send a package of food overseas to me. But she insisted and, today, I get a call at work from Katie.

Katie - "So I'm upstairs getting ready for work when the doorbell rings."

Me - "Okay."

"It was the mailman and he had a package. I thought there was no way my replacement PajamaGram could possibly be here." 


(note: I had purchased Katie a PajamaGram for Valentine's Day, but bought the wrong size, so we're currently awaiting an exchange from them).

Me - "What was it?"

Katie - "Well, it was a pretty beat up box with some other language on it that I didn't understand."


"Inside was a bunch of candy. It looks like a lot of black licorice along with some chocolate and lemon cookies and pasta."


Me - "KIM!"

Katie - "There was also a note inside. Hold on, I'll read it for you..."

"Dear Kevin & Katie -

I hope you enjoy these treats! Watch out - the black licorice is a bit... strong.

I threw in my favorite kind of cookie here - hope you like lemon. I also added some funny 'Italian architecture' pasta - I expect you to name all the shapes to me!

Take care!

Kim Ilax --> Kilax"


To Kim, I know you said I don't owe you anything, but I will find some way to repay you for this. I don't take this kind of generosity for granted. Believe you me.

Maybe when you hop back to our side of the pond and finalize your move in with Steven here in the 'burbs, the four of us can go out for dinner or whatnot. Oh, and it won't be Italian food as I'm sure nothing you can possibly eat here will ever compare to what you're eating now.

How's that sound?


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Kevin shots, and he SCORES

Johnny C.

Dude, that rules.

I'd send you some Krunk juice from the ATL, but I think it would explode in transit.

ms. sizzle

i love geting mail! it's such a great feeling.

and i agree with your sentiments about blog friends. they truly are unique and wonderful. :)


That is SO nice! I sort of want to hug her for you (and is it weird that I keep mentioning wanting to hug people when I comment here?). I've only met two bloggers (who I didn't already know in "real life") but both -- the fabulous Ms. Sizzle and the very cool Egan -- have been fantastic.

Would've loved to hang out with you, Dave and Katie -- hilarious crowd!


I once offered to knit a scarf for a West Coast blogger who spent a snowy Christmas holiday freezing his butt off in New York.

Unfortunately, he was back in L.A. before the scarf was ready.

"I guess you don't need it anymore," I told him.

"Nope. Maybe you could knit me a pair of swim trunks instead cause I'm going to the beach tomorrow," he replied.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate West Coast bloggers?


But it's the thought that counts, right?


Mikey, a big score! Damn tasty score!

Johnny, do you guys brew a more lethal variant than the rest of the inner city neighborhoods in the U.S.? Does it have to do with the humidity in Hotlanta? If that's the case, I'm canceling my order for Krunk a la Miami.

Sizzle, real mail is a wonderful thing. And aren't they, though?

Sandra, I promote a "huggy/feely" sort of environment, apparently. And it's not even a conscious effort on my part. But, it's great because you can bitch and groan about things on your site, then come here and feel all better.

I wish we could all hang out, too. I'm surprised you didn't try getting in touch with him while you were in Seattle last month. He's only a couple hours out of there. And I wish Katie and I could've spent more time with him. What little we were able to talk (due to loud noise at the concert) was very cool.

Rabbit, I envy those west coasters, too. Don't want to say "hate" as I'm friends with quite a few. So "envy" will have to do. And it absolutely is the thought that counts.


I don't really "hate" them either. Even when they tease me about their beautiful sunny weather.


Just remind them that we have "real" Christmases and they only have the bastard, stepchild version. I do that with SJ from Chronic Listaholic. During the holiday season, remember to post plenty of photos of beautiful, new-fallen snow. Then you'll get the hate mail saying things like "you're so lucky to have real snow!" and "a real Christmas?!?!"

Just never post pictures of the aftermath like the plow piles and the melty black/brown/yellow muck and you're golden.


Kevin, you are too sweet! I am so excited that the package got there - it sure looks beat up though! Maybe the mail people read the contents and were trying to get inside. Those lemon cookies are hard to find in Roma...

I totally know how you feel about meeting people through the "blogosphere." I sometimes feel like those friends are better than my real friends! I hope that Steven and I get to meet you and Katie soon. We are still new to the "burbs" and I bet you could show us a lot of great places!

Thanks again for the nice post. It made my day :-)


It's like Christmas in March!

I haven't met many people from the Blogosphere, although I did end up at a party and there was a girl who looked oddly familiar. The hostess turned to me and said "Oh you know Michelle, she's Gadgetgirl..." Right... anyway... it's odd how you know people from your blog. I'm not sure about RL meeting the blogosphere. Part of the charm is that it's anonymous.



Very cool!!

I love my internet & blogger friends! I've met probably 50 folks from all over the place and have had ZERO bad experiences from it. (*knock on wood*)

BTW, you get extra points for being a black licorice junky. I'm right there with ya.

Paul Davidson

I love that there's a package of LA PASTA in there.

What does that mean? Of the Pasta? The Female Pasta? La Pasta La Pasta!?


That is so nice. I'm meeting four bloggers this week -- and I agree with everything you said about the community part of blogging -- something I had no idea existed before I started blogging.


That is awesome. I can only give you a warm glass of shut the hell up. Will that suffice?


Yeah, here's me again commenting about something totally not related to the blog at hand. I've done that like 4 times today.

I just noticed you put up the "She Wants Revenge" cd. WOOOHOO!! That's my favorite album right now. Just thought I'd give you the 'rock on' sign. Or whatever. Ya know.


Kilax, no problem. It was the least I could do considering how you made our day! Those cookies are incredible. We went online to see if they could be ordered. I've also been nibbling on the little gummy licorice rounds. Those are great. Just enough of that black licorice goodness to sate me. Yum!

Nat, definitely Christmas in March. I can agree on the anonymmity to some degree. However, given that my name is incorporated into the title and URL of my blog, anonymity has gone the way of the dodo here. And, I've met so many people that I like on the blogosphere that I would really like to meet them personally. They all strike me as pretty cool. Or just damn good liars.

C.M., 50?!?! Dang! How'd you meet so many? I don't even read enough blogs to be able to meet that many.

Pauly, if my intensive study of "The Da Vinci Code" taught me anything, it's that you have to "read between the lines" and uncover the secret within the name/art/etc. My in-depth analysis would lead me to believe this is definitely female pasta. Dan Brown wouldn't steer me wrong!

Neil, four in a week?!? Wow! Must be the whole L.A. thing. I've noticed quite a few out there in SoCal. I gotta start frequenting some Chicago blogs. As it stands, I think I only read two blogs from Chicagoans. Pretty bad, I admit.

Jacynth, I am crying inside. "Shut the hell up"?!?! *sniffle* That's it... I'm asking Sandra to whomp your ass! You're goin' down, girl!!!

C.M., that is a damn fine CD, isn't it? The alt rock scene has gotten a bit better in the last year. I'm thankful, too, as it's been pretty bad in recent years otherwise. "Rawk" sign back atcha.


Don'tcha love swag??


Well, mine weren't all bloggers...but internet buddies all the same. I met several from couple of message boards I was a member on. And then back when I didn't know better about AOL (*cough* SUCK). I even flew to Florida and spent 2 weeks with some AOL pals I'd never met - that's a story I should blog about, too. Hmmm. ;)


Belinda, swag is gooooooooodddd. ;-)

Chase, definitely blog that one. That would be interesting. Then I think all of us ex-AOHellers should blog about our experiences trying to quit the cult. That was a scary hour or two.


And people say the internet is full of useless freaks. There's useful ones too!

Seriously, though - Haribo candy is *the best.* I'm at no ends of jealousy over this.


Yeah, the Haribo is great. Very strong, though. Something I'm not used to with black licorice. Seems we Americans wuss ours down quite a bit.

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