I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees...
Voulez vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir...

C'mon baby, light my fire...

A few paragraphs down the page, I'm going to ask you to click a link to iFilm. There you will find a video that I find incredibly funny. While there is no nudity in this video, there is pervasive porn-themed language. If you are easily offended, well, you're probably frequenting the wrong blog in the first place (but that's a whole other issue altogether), but I would avoid clicking this link while simultaneously eliminating me from your bookmarks and/or Bloglines subscription.

Don't feel bad about it, I would probably do the same thing... but I'm not easily offended.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for permanent or temporary mental scarring that this video may cause. I loved it. Doesn't mean you will.

MiscpornwarsThis is a video that a friend e-mailed to me. It was absolutely hilarious and I felt compelled to share it with you.

What do you get when you mix the porn industry and the Star Wars films? Porn Wars. Odd bedfellows, I know - pun fully intended. But this just might make your day.

And I would like to say that, while this is low budget, the choreography is great! But what would you expect from two "actors" who, all things considered, really should be quite limber.

I would try to embed the video right here in the blog, but for some reason, only the audio works when I do it. No video whatsoever. So I figured it might be best to just link you over there. Plus, if I send you over instead of embedding it, there is less risk of you getting fired should your boss be walking by your office/cubicle and the video autoplays and our starlet screams out, "Oh Johnny, I can't wait to ride your ..."

Well, you get the picture.

So here you go... I present Porn Wars.


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What's really funny here is that I own the original DVD that this clip comes from, which was released six years ago... and people are just NOW finding out about it? Strange.

It's the opening to a porn video called "Sky's Day Off" and is actually listed at IMDB:

I wish I could say that this film is a part of a huge porn collection of mine, but admit that it is only one of two that I own. :-)

ms. sizzle

i especially like the part where they are fighting and they lean in and quickly kiss. now that is movie magic. ;)


That is so awesome. I wonder how they did that. I wish I had a dildo lightsaber :(

Johnny C.

1. I can't wait to get home and watch this video(I'm at work).

2. I think it's awesome that Dave is admitting his addiction on your site(just kidding Dave).

3. I can't believe they combined my two favorite things of all-time into one video(did I just confess my addiction?).


Dave 2 beat me to it! Of course, my eagle eye recognized this clip immediately from my days in the blue movie business. (Not in front of the camera, mind you.)

Interesting tidbit: Sky is now born again and way out of the business (obvs.)


That was pretty damn cool.


Sizz is right: movie friggin' magic.


Dave, that knowledge frightens me. And, yet, makes me proud to know you!

Kilax, oh how I've yearned to hear a woman say "I wish I had a dildo lightsaber". *sighs*

Johnny, yes you did. I applaud you. Oh, and this'll be worth the wait.

Carly, being that you're from the business, I gotta ask... what are the most common "next professions" or life-changing steps that former porn stars turn to? Just a curiosity thing.

Rabbit, cracked me up. I had to watch it like four or five times in a row.

Sizzle and Sandra, ain't it, though? That's what I call quality filmmaking!


Behind the scenes work, like admin in the office type stuff, or directing, yadda yadda. But if they leave the industry, there's bartenders, veteranarians, realtors, and kept women. ;)


About the only semi-interesting sounding one of the bunch would be "kept women." Yet I somehow doubt that is really as appealing as the harem-esque scene I'm imagining.


The last line made me laugh. That's some impressive light saber work.


I can't imagine how anyone could not laugh at that last line. And to hear her say that as she manhandles that dildo just... well... yeah.


That last line gave me the giggles too. Also, I'll never look at a dildo the same way again.


I can just see local porn shops flooded by scifi geeks trying to figure out how to "turn on" their dildo lightsabers.

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