And I'm not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago...

If you have not watched this week's two-hour 24 blitz and plan to very soon, then skip this post. If you have seen it or never plan to anyway, go ahead and read. This post contains all kinds of spoilers otherwise. So, for today, I bring you...

Kapgar's Views on 24

(and there was much rejoicing)

I'm going to present this as bulleted points on what I thought of this week's episode. They covered so much stuff in those two hours, it's hard to not have developed some opinions. So here goes...

  • Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) is back! I don't know for how long, but she's back and it's cool because there is more of that awkward tension that we felt at the beginning of the season when Audrey (Kim Raver) discovered Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) was still alive. That awkwardness has since waned. But we have more! Woo hoo!
  • I think Robocop needs a tune up. As cool as I thought it was to see Peter Weller in 24 as Jack's mentor, Christopher Henderson, it is painful to see how he's aged. Apparently, the powers that be in New Detroit didn't see fit to take out the human elements that make him age. Shortsighted bastards.
  • Mrs. Logan (Jean Smart) and Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower)? Seriously? Cool! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looked like he squeezed her hand back. Well, we all know Aaron's more man than President Logan (Gregory Itzin) will ever be.
  • Speaking of relationships... Kim and Barry? Seriously, girl, what the hell are you thinking? The actor who plays Barry, C. Thomas Howell, is exactly two weeks older than the actor playing your dad. But we all know what role reality plays in Hollywood scriptwriting... none at all. After all, for Kiefer to be Elisha's dad, she would have been born when he was 15. Throws that complaint out the window.
  • If I were Russian President Subarov (sp?), I'd be kicking Logan's ass to Moscow and back.
  • Kids, they weren't lying when they said "crack kills." I just don't think they meant a bullet in the head execution-style. Oh, wait, they were cokeheads, weren't they?
  • Kill the Hobbit! Kill the Hobbit! Right about now, I really hate former-Hobbits-turned-TV-stars. First, Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) becomes jackass supreme on Lost. And now we have the prick that is Lynn McGill (Sean Astin) wrecking all kinds of havoc at CTU which culminates in...
  • The deaths of nearly half of CTU's staff?!?!?! Gah!!
  • And, no, Lynn McGill would not make it out of a dark alley, either.
  • Miscchloeedgar_1 NOOOO!!!! Not Edgar (Louis Lombardi)!!!! Even the normally non-plussed Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) showed emotion as he met his fate. That's telling you something.
  • But what I really want to know is did Tony (Carlos Bernard) and Curtis (Roger Cross) survive? Please say they survived! I didn't see them when the crew sealed themselves in the tactical room. They need to survive! Tony's my fave on the show and Curtis is quickly climbing those ranks as well. Tell me they made it to one of the other sealed rooms or I just missed them entirely in the background as the action was occurring.
  • I really love how they eliminate the ticking of the clock at the end during those special moments when they prefer to opt for complete silence. They've done it twice this season and it always seems like a fitting tribute given the events of that particular episode. Plus, the screen that they used when they announce that you should stick around for scenes from next week's episode showed Jack with his head bowed down in what struck me as a reverential tribute to those lost in this episode. Maybe it wasn't intended that way, but it came across as such to Katie and I.

Last night was an emotional roller coaster for the two of us. And this whole waiting a week between episodes really sucks. It's not easy at all.

Well, it could be worse, I suppose. We could have to wait several weeks in between each episode if they were all spread out over a traditional television season as opposed to the "non-stop season" format they've opted for this season and last.

I can't believe we actually look forward to Mondays now.

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That was a crazy two hours, wasn't it?
Michelle and I had a challenging time trying to keep the kids busy during that... we didn't want to miss a single minute! Bad parents...!!!


Kill the hobbit!! Kill the hobbit!! Too funny, I just pictured Elmer Fudd, Or Dick Cheney (your choice) weilding a gun, putting a "cap" in a hobbit's ass.


I watched it last night with my parents (they are HUGE fans). I thought I would have a problem getting into it because I hadn't seen it since season one, but they filled me in and jeez, that stuff is addicting. Just like crack. Damn it.


Eric, incredibly crazy. How'd you keep the kids at bay, you bad parent you?

Mikey, while Elmer Fudd was what I had in mind when I wrote that, Dick Cheney works quite nicely in there as well.

Jacynth, it is crack. Dave and I both agree on that point. Now you gotta rent all the DVDs and play catch up like Katie and I did. Well, we actually bought them instead of rent them.


Well, for all we know Edgar survived, and his extra weight just means that it takes more syntox to kill him!(i know, wishful thinking) I thought that they said that the medical area was able to be isolated, so wouldent that mean that tony survived.


I didn't read the post or any of the comments, because I am a FREAK about 24 and TiVo every episode and save it until I can watch them ALL AT ONCE because the whole wait-a-week-to-see-what-happens thing will never work for me again since last season. BUT, I just wanted to say that I am happy from seeing your picture there that Chloe is, presumably, still alive and on the show. I love that weird, geeky, socially-inept, loyal-to-a-fault character.

Maybe it's time to watch half a dozen or so?


Cougfan, funny about Edgar. But if he actually stands up and starts walking around next week, I may never be able to watch the show again.

Yeah, they were able to seal off some secondary medical ward. I saw them wheel Henderson in there, but I never saw Tony follow. And I'm still freaking out about Curtis, though.

Belinda, yeah, you gotta watch some of them. This season has been incredible and I don't think I could wait until the end of it all to finally start watching. We're talking another 2+ months! I couldn't take it. You've got 12 of them at your disposal now. Cheat a little. It won't hurt too much.


I actually shed a tear for Edgar. I never thought that they'd kill him off, but I'd lose respect for the show if he really wasn't dead. I also loved how Jack shot than woman in the leg. It was completely unexpected. I never watched 24 until this season and I have to say it's the best show ever. I just love it! Although how many times does CTU need to be attacked before they get some brains? And don't you think they'd have every imaginable equipment available, including gas masks?


That gas mask thing would make sense considering all the crap that happens in their "safe" little work environment.

Katie and I shed a tear for Edgar, too.

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