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Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm an addict...

Misc24logoYes, I am addicted to the show 24.  You all know the show.  It's the FOX juggernaut that pits CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, against a host of baddies.  But what makes the show unique is that each one hour episode is an actual hour in a day.  Yes, the show is a really twisted "day in the life of" sort of get up.

Well, I missed the entire first season despite wanting to watch it.  And I only caught two episodes in the second season (which were really good).  But I tuned in every week through seasons 3 and 4. 

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I was the only one who watched this show.  Katie didn't really care to tune in with me so I was stuck trying to watch it during that rare moment when she was at work or maybe early in the morning before work so I wasn't cutting into our personal time by watching a show she wouldn't watch.

But all that changed beginning last night.

Hello, my name is Katie and I, too, am an addict...

We had a couple friends over yesterday to watch as the Bears got trounced by the Vikings.  In between the first and second quarters, I ran to a local pizza place to pick up our meal.  When I got back, I was met with Katie up in my face asking if I wanted to go out that night and buy season 1 of 24 on DVD and start watching it immediately.

I looked over to Eric, who is an avowed 24 freak, and he just shrugged his shoulders. Apparently, it wasn't his doing.  Katie just started asking questions about the show and he answered them.  The questions were likely brought on by the airing of commercials for the season 5 premiere in a couple weeks.

Later, after Eric and Laura left, I asked Katie if she was sure about wanting to watch it.  She said yes.  So I went to Wal-Mart armed with our gift card and picked up the first season.  We got through five episodes last night and another four today (just until Katie had to go to work).  We are probably going to watch another three or four tonight before bed and maybe one or two in the morning before work.  And, then some more after work tomorrow.  Right now, we are through nine episodes (2 and 1/4 DVDs) and, at this rate, we'll be done with season 1 by Friday or early Saturday at the latest. 

And it's Katie who keeps wanting to watch more.  She just keeps trying to find time to watch another episode.  Each time an episode ends, she looks at me with puppy-dog eyes that beg for more.

I'm loving it.  I've got another 24 compatriot.  This is another show that Katie and I will watch together and I no longer need to find time to fit in my episode viewings.

Now, do you think we'll be able to finish seasons 2-4 before the season 5 premiere on the 16th?  We're gonna try.

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Johnny C.


That's great. I honestly avoid that show because I know it will suck me in. I currently don't have the time or money to invest in it, but maybe one day I will.

Glad you guys could come together on this subject matter!


I must get into this show! Perhaps I should nexflix the last few seasons and catch up.


24, like Veronica Mars, is television crack. You just...can't...stop...watching...


Johnny, don't deny it. You know you wanna! Everybody's doing it!!

Xtine, go for it! Since you're on Netflix, what's it going to hurt? You're already paying them, might as well rent the discs.

Dave, that's probably the best description I've heard for it. Funny thing is that Katie has also expressed interest in starting to watch Veronica Mars. May have to give season 1 a watch on DVD after we're all caught up on 24.

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