It's my prerogative... isn't it?

One of the hazards I find of rating movies is that my opinion of them may change over time. This is not so much the case with books as I usually only read them once. However, I am likely to watch movies over and over and I may like one more or less depending on my attitude at the time I watched them or the company that I am in at the time. Who knows what the circumstances may be. Sometimes it's just a matter of being able to mentally re-evaluate a movie once I remove myself from it for a few days and can critically think about it. This is also why I don't regularly review CDs. My opinion of music changes even more readily than my opinion of movies. I'm terrible when it comes to CDs. I would like to review them, I just don't know how good I would feel about my review after a year, a month, or even just a week.

The question that arises is should I change my reviews on this site as my opinions of movies change?

I have tweaked my reviews in the past. Maybe a half star in one direction or another. I don't consider this to be a big deal. But there have also been times when I've been given reason to see a movie in a whole new light. Starship Troopers is one such movie. I thought it was just a complete cheesefest the first time I saw it. Then we did a critical analysis of the film in one of my grad English courses. As a result, I was given a whole new perspective from which to view the movie (revolving around a sort of Nazi-like interpretation of what the Earth has become in this future time period which is what was intended by Robert A. Heinlein in his original novel), and I enjoyed the film a helluva lot more.

This is also the case with the movie Super Troopers (I didn't intentionally pick films with "Troopers" in the title; it just happened, I swear). I had built myself up for this movie quite a bit due to several rave reviews both from professional reviewers and friends I know who had seen it. I was severely let down by the film when I finally saw it. However, I have seen bits and pieces again on TV since that time and, on Wednesday night, I watched it with a couple of my friends from the gym. It was sooo much better this time around.

I did update my Starship Troopers review some time ago to reflect my newfound appreciation for the movie. But I have yet to do this with Super Troopers because I suddenly found myself questioning whether this was an ethical thing for a reviewer to do, even one as novice as myself.

What is your opinion? Should I be able to re-review a movie or should I leave it alone even though I may no longer agree with my own review? Should I just update it and not make mention of it or should I post a link to it in the "Recent Updates" box in the left column here on the homepage to reflect that it is a "new" review, per se?

Help... ethical conundrum.

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I run into this same ethical conundrum myself, on Chronic Listaholic. Sometimes I slam something, then on second (or third) listen/viewing/whatever, decide I like it. Or vice versa. I actually have a list I'm compiling of Ten Things I've Changed My Mind About.

So I vote for updating your review to reflect your revised opinion, then including a link to it in the Recent Updates list.


That works for me. Thanks for the input. Let me know when you finish your list. I'd be interested in reading it.

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