Wii are the champions, my friends...
Stop the world, I wanna get off...

I'm on my way, I'm makin' it...

And what to make of something that happened to me yesterday at work.

I was just about to leave with my coworker for my final meeting of the day. I heard her saying hi to someone in the lobby of our office so I knew I had a few extra seconds to finish getting stuff together.

When I stepped out of my office into the lobby, the visitor looks at me and says, "and you're Kevin Apgar."

Me: Umm... yeah.

John Doe (J.D.): I'm John Doe. I'm a reporter for XYZ Newspaper.

Me: Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.

[I'm still wondering how he knew who I was. It wasn't as though my job made some grand media announcement of my arrival.]

J.D.: And I read your blog.

My Co-Worker (MyCW): You have a blog?

Me: It was in my resumé.

MyCW: Like I read every site that was in your resumé.

Me: Okay, I'll grant you that.

J.D.: He's a really good writer. Very funny and never snide. If I had a bigger budget, I'd hire him as a full-time blogger for the paper.

[cha-ching goes the mental cash register]

Me: No complaints.

[a few more back-and-forth comments for another minute or so that I can't quite recall]

J.D.: Well, hey, it was nice to meet you.

Me: Nice to meet you, too. [to MyCW as we're walking away] That was different.

MyCW: He's a really nice guy.

J.D.: [calling after us] By the way, say hi to Katie!

Me: Will do!

MyCW: [to me] Woah.

Me: Yep. He's a reader.

That's something that I, even in my wildest dreams, never imagined would happen. My first random fan off the streets! Woo hoo!

[Disclaimer: this isn't a word-for-word transcription of the conversation. I just stated the key parts as well as I could remember them. It's been half a day and it's really early right now... cut me some slack.]